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Wejee's free psychic readings, free tarot, free i-ching, free rune readings, free Wicca love spells, wicca money spells, wicca protection spells, crystal, color, essential oil, magickal herbs correspondence charts, eBay auctions!

Welcome to Wejee's, for everyday free tarot, rune, i-ching, past life and numerology readings, free daily horoscopes, free psychic ability test, free Wicca magick spells for free Love spells, free Money spells, free Protection spells, with crystal, color, essential oil and Wiccan herbal correspondence charts, pagan auctions and more! Be sure to give our resident White Wicca Witch, Raven Starhawk Cunningham an e-mail when you need advise on life, love and how to do magick!

This website is not only programmed to perform amazingly accurate feats of free online divination, it is also devoted to the interesting and mysterious art of magickal correspondences, spellwork, and the psychic transformation of the mind! To that end, Wejee's Metaphysical Super Store, powered by Amazon, has magickal, metaphysical, healing and spiritual books, New Age and World music, metaphysical and Celtic jewelry, and Organics to assist you on your own magickal journey of psychic and spiritual transformation!

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Wejee's 24/7 Psychic Helpline
Affordable accurate live psychic readings! Our psychic mediums are a network of independent online psychics, connected to you, courtesy of KEEN!
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Free Psychic Readings, free tarot, free past life reading

free tarot card reading, free tarot readings, free tarot cardsSome say tarot originated with the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Others speculate tarot is the arcane wisdom of Europe's "Old Religion". Still others contend tarot merely began as an ordinary card game, designed to amuse Medieval Europe's leisured elite. Whatever it's origin, the Tarot reigns supreme as an all time favorite form of divination. Consult Wejee's exclusive, one of a kind tarot deck, and let your future unfold!

free runes,free rune reading,free rune stones,free rune cardsThe Runic alphabet of the ancient Vikings and Germanic tribes of Europe evolved at least two centuries before the birth of Christ. Runes have always been associated with magic- the priests of Odin were able to divine the future by chipping small strips of bark from a fruit bearing tree, inscribing their mysterious, Runic symbols upon them, casting the lot and drawing three. In the spirit of Odin, try Wejee's prophetic three card free rune reading!

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Wejee's Eclectic
Book of Shadows

This indispensable book can serve as an easy reference for both Wiccan novices and adepts alike, with Wicca correspondence charts for herbs, essential oils, crystals and gemstones, incense, colors, days, and moons, plus potent Wicca spells you can perform for love, prosperity, protection, and more. In addition to Wiccan correspondences and spells, this book also provides vital information on the chakras, the aura, meditation, dreams and metaphysics to help you in the development of your most valuable magickal tool- yourself! See previews and buy it on Amazon.

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Wejee's Wicca Wear!
Fine wearable art, and fun wearable statements for Wiccans, Pagans, Goddess Worshipers, New Age Devotees and Metaphysical Modernists!

free i-ching reading,free iching readingVenerated by China's sages and used by it's warriors since the earliest dynasties, the I-Ching is the world's oldest oracle in continuous use- more than 3,000 years! Wejee's has distilled the ancient wisdom of the 64 I-Ching hexagrams into an easily assimilated, plain English, and ready to use version for 21st century spiritual warriors!

free numerology calculator,free numerology reading,free numerology readingsNumbers are absolute, and the laws of mathematics unchanging. Since the days of Pythagoras in ancient Greece to the modern physics of Albert Einstein, it has been argued, and eventually proven, that every element and action of the Universe can be expressed as a number. Wejee's amazing Numerology Calculator can reduce your name and birth date to their single, numeric essence, revealing the hidden secrets of your personality!

free daily horoscope,free astrology readings,free horoscope readingsThe history of modern Western astrology reaches back to the beginning of Western civilization- to the land of Mesopotamia, circa 2,300 BC. At first, astrology was reserved for royalty, but quickly spread to Greece, and then to Rome, where astrology not only set the pace for Roman conquest, it also became popular with the everyday common man. Try Wejee's Free Daily Horoscopes to set the pace for your daily conquest of life!

free psychic readings,free oracle,free psychic readingEighteenth century Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa penned more than 20,000 haiku verses overflowing with bittersweet humor and fleeting, philosophical musings. To his contemporaries, his stature was that of a Buddhist Hank Williams or a Kimono clad Woody Guthrie. Check out Wejee's Cosmic Fortune Cookie and see if the 12 syllable rhymes of Japan's high, lonesome highway can comfort you on your own journey through life!

free psychic test,free psychic ability test,free psychic readingDr. J. B. Rhine initiated the scientific approach to parapsychology at Duke University in 1930. His research centered on the use of Zener cards and the ability of his subjects to correctly "guess" amongst the five symbols printed on the deck of twenty-five cards. Try the test yourself in Wejee's Psi Lab, with our deck of automated psychic Zener cards. You may surprise yourself!

free past life reading,free past life readingsLife is truly a circle of birth, death and re-birth. Reincarnation is the widely held belief that our souls never die, but merely change physical form. With amazingly precise calculations, Wejee's Past Life Oracle will reveal the secrets of your last Earthly incarnation, and the purpose of your present life!

free magic 8,free psychic reading,free oracle,free psychic readingsWejee's Magick 8 provides the perfect post modern answers when you're 'feeling behind the 8 ball', and need a quick yes/no answer in the side pocket! Score fast and score accurate with this classic free psychic reading!

free wicca spells,free love spells,free money spells,free protection spells,free wicca magicWhat is Wejee's Book of Shadows? It's Wejee's online magickal book of free Wiccan spells! Wejee's Book of Shadows contains practical, free wicca spells you can use in your everyday life- free love spells, free money spells, free protection spells! We also have links to real, live Wiccan Witches who can help cast a spell for you!

free pagan radio,free wicca music,free new age musicWejee's Pagan Radio Pre Sets are links to some of the best mind expanding and mind altering Pagan, Paranormal, New Age, Wiccan, Trance, World and Gothic radio on the internet. Music reflects the heart beat of your soul- stay connected to yours through the miracle of the world wide web, even in the souless confines of you office cubicle!

free new age books,free ebooks,free health books,free magic books,free wicca booksWejee's Metaphysical Library is a collection of free downloadable, metaphysical, New Age, philosophical, psychological, health and occult reading! Some of the selections are well known metaphysical classics, others are the online works of lesser known metaphysical authors here on the world wide web. All of it is mind expanding and well worth reading!

free psychic readings, free past life readings, free tarot reading, free astrology, free psychic reading

Wejee's free psychic readings... FREE online tarot readings, FREE Rune Readings, FREE i-ching Readings, FREE Horoscopes, FREE Numerology Calculator, FREE Past Life Readings, FREE White Wicca Book of Shadows, FREE Tarot Lessons and more!